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In 1995, BOBBY ABBOTT, early 40's, is convicted of defrauding white collar professionals. He is called “The King of the High Rises” by the LAPD. Although, he is sentenced to a minimum security prison, he’s housed on a maximum security yard for violent offenders at San Quentin.

Within a week of his arrival at San Quentin he is attacked by the ARYAN BROTHERHOOD for associating with BLACKS and because his notoriety has made him a TROPHY. He is beaten badly and left on the cold concrete floor with a halo of BLOOD forming around his head. His nose is broken, his eye socket shattered, and he is concussed.

He is remanded to protective custody. Alone in a cell with no mirrors and little light he carefully shapes his face, from memory and feel, into a semblance of what it once was.  TONY MAURO is placed in the cell with Bobby. Tony is illiterate and dying from AIDS. Bobby draws a line of demarcation that Tony is never to cross. Bobby gives Tony a set of rules that he must abide by. Bobby is repulsed by his situation and struggles to overcome his anger.

When Tony is attacked by the Aryan Brotherhood Bobby is presented with a decision: walk away and remain a lone wolf or defend Tony and reclaim his humanity. He springs into action and saves Tony which lands Bobby in solitary confinement for a week.

When he returns to his cell, Tony gives him a gift. The gift is a book titled “The Confessions of St. Augustine.” Reading the book to Tony transforms Bobby. In the maw of the monster, he rediscovers his humanity, and comes to understand that forces beyond human understanding placed him in that cell, with that man, and that book, at that exact point in time.

'I don't believe God is malicious. I do believe that He is very, very sophisticated.' – Albert Einstein 


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